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The Nekojishi Limited Edition is a bonus patch for Nekojishi which adds 3 alternate NSFW scenes to the game. 

Note: The Nekojishi Limited Edition is non-canon and it's recommended to play the original game first for the full experience.

This patch contains adult-only content, please make sure you are over 18 before downloading/purchasing.

Download Nekojishi for free before using this patch!

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CategoryGame mod
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
PublisherOrange Juice Dog
AuthorOrange Juice Dog
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
TagsBara, Furry, Gay, kemono, LGBT, nekojishi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Chinese
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Homepage, Twitter


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Nekojishi_Limited_Edition_1.06.zip 9 MB


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Hey. I did everything and got the age warning and the s to L toggle switch but there is still no nsfw. I turned the S to the L on the menu screen but still nothing. Help?

Edit:Nevermind! I found the nsfw scenes after a bit of going through again.

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So I unzipped the limited addition to the game/ file as you stated and still didn't get the age warning when starting up the game on a window pc. Is there more steps that were ommited?

Edit: So I solved the problem by directly moving the Adult (.rpa) file from the Nekojishi_Limited_Edition_1 folder into the game file. It will appear under the tl folder and above the data .rpa file allowing the age warning to appear.

Are you also on Mac? I unzipped the foler and theres adult.rpa and a read me.html. How do I do this?

No sorry I don't have a Mac.

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I have age warning but in any ending there's no nswf scenes with anyone, help me, I did every single ending and there's no any age limited version scenes. I'm really upset :<

Hi there! Did you make sure the button on the main menu is toggled to be a red "L" so the limited mode is active? (If it's active you'll be able to see more locked CG's appear in the gallery) Hope that helps!

oh, thank you, I noticed few hours before x3 sorry for complaining

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How do you exactly autorun app? That what I assume of what you meant doing it. I just don't get this part "copy the file into Contents/Resources/autorun/game/". I went into contents then resource but there's nothing further down to go so I paste the file there. I open the app but didn't see the 'S' or 'L' toggle anywhere. There's no age warning on setup that I can see in the beginning of opening the game. So I need a little help here. I will keep doing it until I can for now and maybe share on it here so people can scroll down here to see if there's any hint on doing this. The sooner the better if you can reply. Thank you for reading!

Edit: So I use Steam and saw this on Twitter "Right click on the game in Steam > properties > local files > browse local files. Copy the .rpa to /game/". I do that even going to Nekojishi in the steam, right click "show package content", go to content>resources then paste file there (that how far I can go), then open the pp again but doesn't work. I'll keep going around and see how I can fix it. I did try without it couple of times (without doing into Nekojishi package content in the Steam file).

Edit 2: OK I DONE IT! Phew! It took me like an hour or 2 to get this done but I done it. I wasn't paying attention to "Copy the .rpa to /game/" the .rpa did messed me up for a few minutes. I can see the warning age setup and the toggle! I'm really happy to get this done and it looks like it all set up for tomorrow continuations!

Go to the app, Right-click and click "Show Package Contents", from there go into Content>Resources copy the file and paste in there. Then open Steam go to Library then right click Nekojishi, select Properties, go to Local Files section then click Browse Local Files. There, it'll open up the files, click games and paste the adult.rpa from the Nekojishi Limited Edition files inside there. Now you're all set to go!
Edit 3: I forgot! if it still doesn't work do the same one in the Steam file where you see the Nekojishi app there. Do the same as "Go to the app, Right-click and click "Show Package Contents", from there go into Content>Resources copy the file and paste in there."

For Steam user that are using Windows just follows "unzip the file into <Nekojishi game directory>/game/" and the "right click on the game in Steam > properties > local files > browse local files. Copy the .rpa to /game/" methods. I can't go in detail because I don't use it. Sorry.

I would appreciate for some result of my help ^-^ Any problem tell me and I would be happy to fix it.

How do I say this exactly, the 3 parts of the story are different from the under 18. The way how they possess the body is different with the 3 CG's you can't unlocked without the Limited Edition Patch. I'm not the kind of person who's into this stuffs just more curious of it. Man, you don't know how detailed it is, don't really know whoever write this parts can even do it. I was like uncomfortable af. I know I ask for it so I don't blame anyone. Well, at least I gave my opinion for this stuffs and now I think I got a slight headache from it. 

I know for those people they'll enjoy it so, make sure you're prepared for it and mature enough to gone through this type of contents. There is some word use that I never heard before like doujin but I know now. I'm not into this kind stuffs so it explain some of my confusion. Have a g'day guys!

PS: I think my headache's gone after typing this. So don't get to worry about it.


hello! i downloaded the original file and the limited edition file, i unzipped the limited into the original like the instructions stated, i played through the true ending, and still didnt get the nsfw ending? he still had his loincloth? did i do something wrong?

i need help too 

Hi there,

If the game starts up with an age warning then the patch has been installed correctly. From there you can click the green 'S' or red 'L' next to the logo to toggle between the Standard and Limited versions of the game. Otherwise if you still haven't got the age warning on startup, let me know and I'll walk you through patching the game in more detail. (For more prompt responses I also recommend emailing or sending a message on our social media pages!)

hey, I'm bad with computers and I could really use some help on how to attach the patch.

Are you using Mac or Windows?

I need help with patching the nsfw version into the original game