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A romance torn between school life and mysterious spirits!

Born into a religious family, Lin Tian-Liao left his hometown and moved to Taipei to study and follow his dreams, trying to escape the pressures of returning to his family’s temple in the process. His ordinary college life seemed to be going well until suddenly one day his third eye was opened. Liao, now able to see the various spirits and gods in the world, has to deal with his new found powers, his school life, and three particular cats who all want to have a say in his life and his future. 

Nekojishi is a visual novel about the pressures and consequences of deciding your future in a world of gods and spirits, the position that religion and folklore take in modern society, and three feline beast-men that Liao can’t seem to get out of his room or out of his head!

Note: Nekojishi features same-sex romances and cute cat dudes.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
PublisherOrange Juice Dog
AuthorOrange Juice Dog
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsfurry, kemono, nekojishi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Chinese
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Homepage, Twitter


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WARNER FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPOILER IT BEST TO DITCH THIS COMMENT EVEN THE IMAGES, even though you might see it in the first place before reading it, I don't want to ruined it. I just wants to ask some questions that's being confusing me so yeah. I did warn you, don't blame me, please.

I got a little question, there's some CG's I haven't seen although I've collected all in gallery, how do people got those CG's? I assume maybe it's the one that have early access or paid it with money? I'm just kinda confused. Here's some few examples of images I'm talking about that I get it from other people.   So yeah, I'll appreciate if it can be explained. First I thought it might be drawn by someone else but the artwork style, colouring, shading are the same type that the game use it to draw. If it can be access in any way I would like to and even added to my gallery to keep it as memories. They're super nice and drawn well!
Edit: I went through a video and a guy have the CG so I have proof for that for me to believe it actually came from this game. I did not just ask out of nowhere without looking for evidence.

But there's a picture that doesn't really hit me. None of the image remind me any memory of mine that ever happened to Shu-Chi Senpai.I really loves the game and also would loves to know as much as possible information. So please if anyone knows about how I can get this stuffs I would appreciate.

Hi, is there going to be an Android version? I'd like to see that alot. I would then support you. 

I don't own a pc yet, sadly even so I am not that young... If not I have to wait then.


Hi there, unfortunately there is no Android version planned at this time. However, the game is playable on pretty much any Windows, MacOS or Linux computer.  Hope you'll be able to play it one day! 👏

One day, yes. I am looking forward to it ;)

Thanks for the answer anyways.

I want help I play Nekojinshi in Steam but with steam i dont play

 sex scene.

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Hi there, the original version of Nekojish is completely SFW and available both here and on Steam. Nekojishi will never have NSFW content unless you install the Limited Edition patch. Thanks for commenting, and let me know if there's anything else you need help with!

Pls make a android version...

I love that game <3 But will you make part two or something like that besides dlc? I would love to see more of Lin Hu <3

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Pls, help me. I can't play nekojishi anymore. Weill whenever I am in the hell part the game goes black and goes back to the start page. How to fix it? Or is this the game and xD😂? I think it isn't the end. It's a bug. But how can I fix it? 

First that as I awake in the cave:Than I click for the next text. Baaam I am at the start page. Why??

Bug help my please.

I have a video on Google drive for you. Please help me!! 

Link to the video with the bug: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XfNOMMFi0viooAu3bH68zvfvulLQCMvl/view?usp=drivesdk

Tell my with my email :



Hi there! That's the intended end of that particular route of the game so there's no bug. Try playing through the game again making different decisions and you'll see different endings. Hint: You can check the gallery on the main menu for an overview of all the endings available. 


But I see a YouTube video. A nekojishi gameplay. And the makes the same choices than me. But he hasn't this problem. And why is the game end in a cave? I wish my better ends for the next update. No ends in the middle of a game. 


My best guess would be that they must have made some other choices to you as there's another ending that has a similar scene but continues on past that point. If you need any help you can always try and look up a guide for the game. Hope that helps!

Thank you for your suggestion, but I also got on the idea about 2 days late.  Too bad is that there are so many sad endings and And some of the endings also let you get the feeling that the game is crashed or that the game is incomplete and unfinished. Overall, the game is really well done and has almost no improvement options. The only thing I would improve would be the endings not so fast and they don't mess you up like that. You have the feeling that the endings only goes a few minutes and the rest several hours. 

Nevertheless, my respect goes to the game manufacturers and helpers. Keep it up. 

Sorry for my english, but I come from Germanny and I am not so well in write English and speaking english. I hope my English is Okey and you can accept my English skills.


When will the android version is out?? I wanted to play it in my phone


I wish it could be available on android


same. I played it on pc and i'd love to have it mobile like all the other good VN.

How do I install the game o Windows 10? I have the .zip file downloaded and extracted, but I can't open the Application. (also I downloaded Direct X)

Hi LionFang! Could you give me some more details? Is there any error code that appears when you try to open the game?

It's unlikely on Windows 10 but there's a chance you might not have Python installed on your computer. (You can download the latest version of python from https://www.python.org

So question In the end SPOILER ALERT IF YOU DIDNT READ YET BTW if you dont stay with tiger you die? like what? 


Hi there! We suggest you finish all the endings first! 🤫


Hey, Quick question,  are there nsfw scenes withOUT LE version?


There are no NSFW scenes in Nekojishi unless you download the Limited Edition patch. The Limited Edition is also considered a non-canon bonus version  if that matters to you! Thanks for your question!


thanks for the answer!


orange jiuce dog are you or team nekojishi is making this game available on android phones? i actually saw on youtube that many people are requesting it to be compatible on phones


Hi there! We've considered porting the game to mobiles based on player feedback, however we have no plans to do so currently. If we were to do it, we'd want to do it right, and that would include remaking all the UI to work with a touchscreen. Thanks for your input!

is this the LE version?

also great game!

You can find a link to download the LE version in the description. Thanks for your interest!

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can we use the Itch.io app to install this? it comes unzipped to your pc, I just added it to the game files

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Im very confused on how to install the LE version with the game i have a windows computer


The instructions in the readme pretty much cover it. Extract the .rpa file and copy it to the /game folder within the base game files. Let me know if you need any more help! 

Hello. I followed what was written on the read me, but I can't have the NSFW scene. I can easily find where they should happen but impossible unlock them. I first download the original game, then download the NSFW patch. I copied the .rpa to the /game file, and I got the warning for NSFW, but no Scene ^^'. 

Can you help me ?


If the limited edition patch is installed correctly you should see a red "L" or a green "S" on the main menu. Clicking this will toggle between the Standard and Limited versions. Double-check that the main menu has the red "L" displayed.

Oh, found it ! Thank you :3


Hello. I wanted to ask if you can install the limited edition mod on the Steam version of the game without problems. Thank you.


Hello. I wanted to ask if you can install the limited edition mod on the Steam version of the game without problems. Thank you


Hello. I wanted to ask if you can install the limited edition mod on the Steam version of the game without problems. Thank you

what file done have rpa

Walkthrough? No video/YouTube walkthroughs  please.


Hi Unique! While we don't have any guides for the game (that would spoil things for new players), there are a bunch of community guides on our Steam page. Thanks for your interest! > https://steamcommunity.com/app/570840/guides/#scrollTop=157


Hi, I only have an Android tablet, are there any talks to make an .apk for this game? I'd love to play it.


can you please make it playable for dell computer? that would be great because i dont have a mac or a pc:(


Hi there! Nekojishi runs on Windows XP or higher and MacOS, (or Linux if you have some know-how.) While your computer may be manufactured by Dell, but it should be running Windows and you should be fine to download and play the game. Thanks!

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Holy crap. I just got the perfect ending after downloading the patch, this is awesome. I didn't expect the twist at the end that -spoiler bleep- is the true villian, right after we all got led to believe it was -another spoiler bleep- . Great artwork for every single one of the endings, NFSW or not. Good storywriting as well, I really did enjoy this and unlocking all the endings is worthwhile if you play this, I plan on buying the expansion once I get some cash.


Creator  of the game should  make this game  mobile  for phones